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Ups and Downs in the Stock Market Are Normal & How much risk can I take?

Investing on a regular basis is one of the best ways to grow your wealth. That depends on your ability to stomach swings in the market and your portfolio. In many cases, your risk tolerance is related to your investing time frame: It’s easier to manage market dips when you have time to allow the market to recover before you need your money. Still, each person is unique. If you felt anxious or panicky the last time the stock market dropped a lot, your risk tolerance may be low even if your time horizon is long, and you might feel more comfortable moving to a more conservative portfolio with less exposure to stocks. Just keep in mind that the potential returns may also be lower than with a more aggressive portfolio.

What is Cash Crowd fund?  

It is a Crowdfunding Portal that connects donors with our members for their active crowdfunding campaigns.

How does it work? Pretty easily actually. You would create and account, get your account activated, set up a campaign with your sponsor, share it with others and receive help from other members to get your Crowd fund Project completed.

What countries do we work with? We are United States ONLY!

Is there an age restriction? Yes, we cannot allow anyone under the age of 18 years old to participate. An adult can always start a campaign for children needs. Do the donations come from Cash Crowdfund? No, we provide an organized portal for crowdfunding campaigns. No donations are handled by any staff or owner of Cash Crowd fund. ALL donations are DIRECTLY sent to the campaigns that the members create for themselves. We make no promises or guarantees of any kind to anyone.

Do I need to pay taxes? We do NOT give out tax advice under ANY circumstances. Donations are considered “personal gifts” and gifts aren’t taxable to a certain amount from the SAME person and the amount CANNOT be reached by a single person with our Crowdfunding Portal. However, it is HIGHLY recommended to seek professional tax advice from a competent accountant in the jurisdiction in which you reside.

Why is there an Administration Donation? Cash Crowdfund provides you with a robust system, platform for crowdfunding, accounting on website, member support and quite a few added perks and incentives to help make your crowdfunding efforts more rewarding and organized. It is a ONE time donation for the LIFE of the Crowdfunding Portal.